Dr. Covelluzzi develops and runs several groups.  Please call: 619-342-4155, or e-mail: [email protected] for current openings.

Adolescent Interpersonal Process Group Flyer
This group is intended for adolescents ages 13-18 (age ranges vary depending on current group composition).  We discuss relationships and friendships in all contexts, from how to maintain current relationships to how to form and grow new ones.  The hallmark of this group is in the ability of the group to provide interpersonal feedback to one another.  This process allows each memeber the safety to explore themselves without fear of judgement, rejection or criticism.  Group memebers can expect to gain a greater understanding about themselvse and the courage to change difficult patterns within themselves.

Emotional Fitness Group Flyer
Age ranges for this group may vary but generally speaking the group is designed for ages 14-18.  This is a cognitive coping skills group where specific strategies and skills are taught. Participatnts are encouraged to practice skills to decrease self-harm behaviors.  The participants themselves, a powerful teaching tool, are often called upon to share personal stories of hope and skill aquisition.  Group members may also benefit from gaining courage and better self-understanding to triggers of difficult or frightening emotions. 

Social Skills Group Flyer
This group is designed for children who require more time to develop the skills necessary to create and understand freindships.  Trust, sharing, turn-taking, question asking, wating their turn and learning how to play games by the rules are just a sampling of what is encouraged in this group.  This is an experiential group, whereby an envirorment is created to help foster children's ability to gain mastry of learning how to relate to others.  Social cues, reading facial features and non-verbaly body language are highlights in this group.  This group may beneft children on the Autism Spectrum or off the Autism Spectrum.

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